Cassava / Tapioca Flour Uses

  • Its current main application is as a low cost extender for wheat flour produced from imported wheat in the production of:
    • Biscuits
    • Snack Foods
    • Bread
    • Cakes and other baked products
  • It can also be used for
    • Production of alcohol in beer brewing
    • Production of glue for use in cardboard manufacture
    • Production of traditional local foods
  • Because of its low protein content, high levels of cassava flour inclusion creates serious challenges in terms of machineability and “lift” and we remain committed to working with our R&D partners to overcome these challenges and grow achievable inclusion levels and so grow savings for our customers.

Cassava flour as a replacement for starch. Thai Farm cassava flour has a starch content of about 80% against “pure” starch of only 90%. That is 10% less starch at a price discount of about 30%. Numerous companies are testing our flour as a substitute for starch to take advantage of the cost benefit inherent in using our flour to replace more expensive starch.