• Nigeria is reported to grow between 30 and 50 million tons of cassava per annum.
  • Traditionally most farming is done by small scale farmers who produce little beyond their own subsistence needs.
  • In recent years, more and more of these small farmers have begun to cultivate increased areas of cassava to supply the traditional food processors – mostly SME’s who produce traditional foods such a “garri” which is consumed on a large scale across Nigeria.
  • As our own tuber needs have grown, we have at times experienced raw material shortages and big price increases as changing food demands have increased the consumption of and demand for garri.
  • For this reason, we significantly increased of late our investment in our own farming operations under the leadership of experienced commercial farmers.
  • We use mechanized farming techniques to maximize productivity.
  • As part of our supply chain mix, we have also supported local farmers who are increasingly migrating from subsistence to commercial farming operations.