• The plant designed for our factory is based on well tried and tested Thai technology.
  • The flour plant capacity is up to 300 metric tons of raw cassava roots per day which translates into a flour product capacity of 90 metric tons of flour per day.
  • Our original plant capacity of 60 metric tons of flour is in the process of being increased to the maximum of 90 tons per day.
  • The flour plant is operated under the leadership of 4 technical staff from Thailand who all come with relevant experience in cassava processing and production.
  • We operate production operations in 3 shifts per day (24 hours), 7 days per week, manned by a total of 80 local staff, all of whom have undergone the necessary training and continue to undergo training, mentoring and tutoring.
  • The plant is a complete end to end plant – from raw material to packaged finished product.