Project Summary

  • We imported from Thailand, a cassava flour processing plant of 60 metric tons per day design capacity which we installed/commissioned at our factory site located in Ososa, Ogun State, Nigeria, approximately 120 kilometers from Lagos.
  • Buildings and ancillary equipment were procured from local Nigerian sources and the factory housed on land purchased commercially by TFI.
  • The factory currently processes locally grown cassava tubers/roots into two finished products namely: high quality cassava flour (for human consumption) and cassava flour siftings (for use in animal feeds). Our main waste products, peels and skins, are used as organic fertilizer on the farms that supply us with tubers.
  • To ensure the reliable supply of raw material, we farm cassava roots on leased land and farm land under various joint venture farming projects with the local communities surrounding our project.
  • We also source tubers from over 2,000 local farmers (mainly small each farming less than 5 hectares).
  • Our factory employs over 90 local staff members.
  • Our heating requirements for drying our flour have led to the re-opening of 3 small coal mines in Edo and Kogi States to supply our boiler with coal.